This Is What A 'Topless Trampolining Coach' Would Look Like (If It Were A Real Job)

Image via YouTube

The Internet is funny, isn't it? Just when you feel like you're overwhelmed with countless amounts of information and digestible content, we remember that, most things that ever pop up online, never seem to just go away—they just get pushed down the list of things people talk about.

And one of those forgotten things is this video of actor Chris O'Dowd pretending to be a "Topless Trampolining Coach," which, as the video points out, would be the best job in the world.


Taking on the fake name of Lars Larson, the funnyman imitates the life of a job that, for all intents and purposes, is nothing but a figment of all of our imaginations.

First released in 2012 as part of an awareness campaign for breast cancer in men, for some reason, this video has become viral some five years later—and we're pretty happy it did, because it's hilarious.

Chris O'Dowd kills it here, and, with so many sexy, topless women, it's hard not to enjoy the perks of a job that millions of men would happily give their right arm to have... if only it were real.

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