This Is What Day And How Far In Advance You Should Book A Hotel Room (According To Expedia)

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While traveling is great, it sure can be stressful, can't it? That's because we have to worry about how much it's going to cost us, constantly looking for the best deals on flights, hotels, cars, restaurants, etc.

And while that may never change, at least travel site Expedia has given us some help to at least try and get the best price on a hotel room, as they released data from trends from their list of sites in 2015 that will help travelers during these last few months of 2016 and into 2017, per This Is Insider.

  • Sundays are the best days to get deals and save on hotels, especially if you’re booking same-day travel.

  • Booking hotels anywhere from 3-4 weeks ahead of the time of travel usually yields the best rates.

  • The most popular hotels on Expedia’s websites are those with a three-star rating.

  • Analysis of Expedia data found international travelers were looking to spend more nights in UK hotels shortly after the Brexit vote.

  • Staying at hotels in alternate neighborhoods when visiting big cities around the world can often yield higher savings in comparison to staying in the well-traveled neighborhoods.

The data, which Expedia was able to develop thanks to analyzing trends of their more than 307,000 bookable properties, was released to, "help travelers feel informed and empowered to get past travel decision-making and move into what we like to call travel moment-making."

For further reference, here's a chart the travel site put together showing the differences in prices on certain days. Or as Expedia describes it in the research results, "Trips beginning on Sundays (or including Sunday-night stays) tend to be less expensive than trips beginning on other days of the week. For instance, booking on a Saturday for a vacation start-date of the following day is almost as cheap as booking a same-day stay on a Sunday.

And because you're probably wondering what months are the cheapest to book hotels, Expedia was able to identify that data as well, with their numbers showing that the lowest average daily rates (ADR) are in November and January, while the highest ADRs come in July, August, and March (respectively).

So, even if you know you're going somewhere this upcoming spring or summer, it might be best to wait until about a month prior to the trip to actually book your hotel—because, come on, we all want the best deal.

H/T This Is Insider