This Is What Happens When Your Number's Blocked On Someone's iPhone (VIDEO)

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There are worst things in the world than finding out you've been demoted to the dreaded "Blocked" list on someone's iPhone, but not many.

Given the fact we rely on mobile communication more than ever, if and when someone blocks your phone number is a sure-tell sign that they really just don't like talking or texting you any longer—yes, it's a sad, sad state.

While you may know how to block telemarketers from calling you, how do you know if someone else has done the same to you? This video from Tech Insider's YouTube tells you how.


Yep, those tricky bastards over at Apple actually have the sender thinking that a text went through and was, potentially, read by the receiver. But, in reality, the person on the receiving end never actually gets them—or even knows they were sent.

As for calls, there's at least a little sliver of hope for the blocked person, as they'll get directed to voicemail—but, even then, it's on the blocker to reply.

The video also shows how to add a number to your blocked list, so, whether you're on the sending or receiving end, now you know why you may not be getting a reply.

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