This Is Why The Nintendo Switch Is Going To Be Friggin' Awesome

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Nintendo took back video game consoles with last year's release of the vintage NES Classic Edition, but it seems as if everyone's counting down the days until March 3rd, which is when the company's Nintendo Switch will officially hit shelves.

Following the Switch's press event the other day, anticipation for the home-gaming-to-mobile device might be even higher than it already was, with both media and consumers getting to see firsthand what all the hype's about.

And because we're guessing you weren't lucky enough to snag a spot to the event, allow the good people from Tech Insider's YouTube help explain why the Nintendo Switch is going to be friggin' incredible, by showing you all of its capabilities in this video.


To Recap:


When the console's not connected to its docking unit that's plugged into to a monitor, it's easily removed and capable of being used as a mobile device, turning into a handheld device that can go anywhere.

The Screen

As the video points out, the Nintendo Switch is essentially a tablet, designed with a 6.2-inch, touchscreen that's big enough to see without putting it right up to your face, but small enough to fit in your hands.

Detachable Controllers

One of the really unique aspects of the Nintendo Switch is the detachable controller concept, with allows users to actually slide the controls from a bigger controller to the side of the handheld console for mobile use.

Wireless Controllers

Along with the detachable controllers, the pieces are also wireless, which can be used simultaneously when standing the Nintendo Switch upright at places like the airport or in a park. It's interesting, but, as the Tech Insider video shows, the buttons are a bit small for an adult hand, so that's something that may be a concern.

Storage Space

Per Kotaku, who reached out to Nintendo about the Switch, the system has 32GB of internal NAND memory, with the internal memory easily expandable using microSDXC cards. Unfortunately, external USB hard drives are not supported at launch, but Nintendo claims to be researching them for future updates.

Battery Life

Unlike your crappy cell phone battery, the Nintendo Switch is believed to have anywhere from 2.5-to-6.5 hours worth of battery life. Like anything that's chargeable, it depends on how much the device is being used, but that's a fair amount considering most people will be using it as passengers while traveling.


With a price tag of $299, the Nintendo Switch will cost you a pretty penny, but when you figure it's the hottest gaming item this year, is adaptable to play on both your TV and as a handheld device, it's really not as bad as you might think—assuming you can actually get your hands on one.

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