This Lady's Pierced Nipple Story Is Horrific In Every Sense Of The Word

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Generally speaking, men love boobs. That's not to say we don't like eyes, smiles, butts, stomachs and whatever else women are flaunting, but there's just something about big breasts that triggers a crazy reaction in our minds.

And while having a big chest is great, when something goes wrong—like it did for a 33-year-old cocktail waitress named Nikki Belza—that's when everyone's left sad and confused.

In Belza's case, she had a serious complication that was a near-death experience after her nipple piercing caused a deadly infection, per DailyMail.

Nikki Belza, 33, had spent more than $22,000 since she was 21 to take her 32A chest to a 32DDD.

She decided to get her nipple pierced earlier this year, but woke up in agony months after accidentally ripping the bar out.

The pain in her left breast soon became unbearable and caused her to collapse while she was at work.

She was rushed to hospital where doctors told her she had developed Streptococcal A from her husband's sore throat.

The bacterial infection triggered sepsis - which ravaged her breast tissue and led to surgeons removing her left implant entirely in a bid to save her life.

Talk about scary, right?

While Nikki had a tough time accepting the fact that she would be left with just one breast, she knew that she was lucky to even be alive given the rare infection.

"I was absolutely devastated to be left with only one boob, I am now completely flat chested on one side, but I know how lucky I am to be alive."

"I can't believe having a simple procedure like a piercing can lead to a deadly infection like sepsis."

"I genuinely thought I was going to die and I knew having my breast removed was the only way to save my life but when I woke up after the operation I couldn't look down at my chest."

" Not long after my op my co-worker made me a farewell boob cake, even though I was really upset I was able to see the funny side."

At least Belza was able to find some humor from the whole situation—even as scary as it was. She's hoping to have a new implant within the next six months after the infected one was removed to save her life, so let's first hope she makes a speedy recovery and everything goes smoothly if and when that cosmetic surgery takes place.

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