This 'Madden 17' Glitch Is So Unbelievably Bad That The Developers Had To Be Sh*tcanned While Making The Game

Image via Twitter

Following its always highly-anticipated release last week, everyone's favorite NFL video game, Madden 17, has been played by millions of fans around the world who are trying to prove they're the best around.

Unfortunately, the game itself isn't anything more than just an update version of itself each year, with rosters being the most current with new players like free agents and rookies. Other than that, though, I mean, there's not too much gamers can get off on. Well, except the hilarious glitches.

And just when you thought you've seen them all, check out this hilarious glitch that has been happening in Madden 17 to a few people—which is sure to both crack you up, confuse you and, probably, piss you off a little bit.

I don't know when kickoffs and field goal attempts turned into touchdowns for the kicking team, but, apparently, the developers of Madden 17 thought that it should be a new NFL rule, because that's what some people have seen happen.

Go home, Madden developers, you're so drunk that you can't get anything right.

H/T Deadspin