This Map Reveals Just How Close You Live To A Nuclear Bomb

Image via YouTube

Not long ago, we gave you a map that showed which 14 cities around the world were the "safest" to be if a nuclear war or bomb ever went off. Well, on the contrary, another map has surfaced on the Internet recently—and, as the title suggests, it involves the location of various nuclear bombs around the world.

In a video uploaded by RealLifeLore, an in-depth map shows both the locations and distance from major cities of nuclear bombs, meaning, yep, you have every right to be a little bit freaked out.


Here's another look at some of the cities, both in the U.S. and Europe, that show where these nuclear bombs are located.

According to DailyMail, while the chances of one of these nukes going off is highly unlikely, as many as 50 bombs have either been lost or have accidentally deployed over the years, with a few even active, but did not actually explode because of simple luck.

This map might not freak you out and make you move from wherever you are—assuming you're close to one of the spots on the map—but it should be used as a clear sign that, yep, nuclear bombs are much closer to you than you may think.


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