This Map Shows Exactly Where Barack Obama Dropped 26,000 Bombs In 2016

Image via YouTube

The United States has a new leader, Donald Trump, but for the previous eight years, the country was led by Barack Obama, who used his charm, wit, smarts and strategy to carry out a number of different initiatives through his two terms.

While Obama never actually declared war—although he did inherit an ongoing one in different parts of the world—he did approve and execute an astounding 26,000 bombs during his time in office. And this map shows each place he dropped them.

According to the Independent and newly released figures, the United States dropped about 3,000 more bombs in 2016 than the previous year, putting the total at an astounding 26,171 for the year.

Based off of info from the Council on Foreign Relations, the majority of Barack Obama's bombs were dropped in both Iraq and Syria, with an estimated 24,287 coming in those two countries alone.

So, while Donald Trump insists he'll, "bomb the sh*t out of 'em" when referencing ISIS, if these numbers are anywhere close to being accurate, it seems as if Barack Obama already got a head start on the plan.


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