This Pic Is Either REALLY Dirty Or Someone Simply Reading, And It's Causing Some Confusion

Image via Reddit/Mattster092

There have been a number of optical illusions that have cause our minds to play tricks on themselves. From overly sexual ones like this to confusing ones like this, images like these are always fun for the sake of comical debate.

And there's a new one that hit the Internet that's giving people fits, wondering if it's secretly something dirty — a man getting oral sex — or the innocent message it's supposed to be delivering... just a person reading. I'll let you decide.

Coming from Reddit user Mattster092, here's what a few people said they saw.

  • "Without reading the title of post I quickly saw girls head buried into crotch. But as I looked harder I only saw reading of book. After going back to check the title I was like "oh shit". It was like a quick glance thing cause it's hard to see now I know it's a woman reading a book."

  • "It helps me briefly see what people are talking about but as soon as I see it, it flicks back to the book. Maybe being a girl, I just don't think of that right away? I dunno. I do really like books,so that must be more appealing to my mind"

  • "I think because only the girls head works, as soon as you try to see her body it breaks into the legs again..I think it's a bit of a stretch to call it an optical illusion. More like similarity, or coincidence."

  • "Case you aren't being silly, if looking at the picture, the left side of the book is the woman's hair, the right side of the book is her pony tail. The males right leg forms her shoulder, while his knee down forms the arch of her back and the heel her pelvis. His other leg forms her left arm, holding her up. Not sure if my description sucks or not, but that's the other side of this picture for the dirty minds."

  • "If you still can't figure it out: It's a person reading a book with their legs crossed...Or a person with a ponytail sucking a dick."

At first glance, it's obviously someone reading. But the way it's drawn makes you wonder if the artist wasn't just bored with the assignment, drinking late at night and procrastinating to meet a deadline, figuring he/she would have a little bit of fun and screw with everyone's minds, doesn't it?

That last comment in the examples is sort of how this debate should probably end, because I see both.

H/T LADbible