This Sex Doll Is So Lifelike That 'She' Actually Has A G-Spot

Image Via New York Post

Ah, the elusive "G-spot," so mysterious to most men that they don't even bother looking for it in fear of further disappointment and discomfort.

Here's the thing though, what if you had the opportunity to practice getting a girl off without the pressure of any human involvement, would you try it?

Well, creator of sex doll Samantha, Sergi Santos, has made that opportunity possible for men everywhere.



To reiterate a point that the video made, yes, Samantha does sort of defeat the purpose of a sex doll. It's one thing to have to woo a real woman, but a doll? Eh, that's pushing it a bit. I will argue that she does make it possible to practice and enhance sexual skills. Can't judge a man just trying to better his circumstance, no matter how creepy.

New York Post

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