This Stripper Falling Off A Broken Pole Is Painfully Funny

Image via Break

There are few guys on the planet who dislike strip clubs. Sure, they're not somewhere anyone should spend lots of time or money at, but, let's face it, after a night of drinking with buddies, there are worse places to be.

While we all enjoy the women performing onstage, grinding up and down the pole, when something goes wrong, it's always a little bit of an "oh shit" moment, making you ponder laughing, scoffing or genuinely being surprised.

Well, for those in the audience during this stripper's dance, we have a feeling there were sort of a combination of all three of those reactions—because the pole snapped right as she was in mid-pole slide, causing quite the funny scene.

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Now, we don't want to laugh at someone else's expense—especially when it's a woman—but it's hard not to chuckle at this. Plus, the dancer did stand up and walk away, so, we think, she seems to be OK after the fall.

Just a couple bruises—both on her body and to her ego—but nothing that can't be repaired by a bunch of guys tossing her money. Keep your chin up, girl!


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