This Tasty Waffle Chicken Burger Will Make Your Mouth Water And Your Stomach Growl

Image via YouTube // Unilad

If you're a guy, there's a really good chance you like to eat. And when it comes to stuffing our faces, that doesn't always mean doing the standard turkey wrap with a side of potato chips—of course, that can be tasty, too.

And thanks to our buddies over at Unilad, they've given a recipe for a waffle chicken burger that looks outrageous, making us wish we could leave the office now and go fire some up for dinner tonight. Guess we'll just have to wait till later to get our fill.


It's totally acceptable if you're wiping up saliva, because we're doing the exact same thing. As for the list of full ingredients, here's the

Waffle Batter

Fried Chicken

For Serving

Fried chicken, spice Sriracha sauce, bacon and... OK, we're out of here to go make this thing right now!

Lead Image via YouTube

H/T Unilad