This U.S. Map Shows Everything That Each State Googled The Most In 2016

Image via Shutterstock

The phrase, "just Google it," has become part of everyone's everyday lexicon, as people rely on the service to give them the answers to life's most difficult questions, while also providing some insight as to what in the hell's going on around the world.

And, thanks to the site High Speed Internet, we now know what people in each state around the United States have been searching for the most, with the site putting together this map to better explain.

After looking at that, it's clear that the Netflix show Stranger Things took the top spot, as four kids hunting something called the Upside Down captivated America more than anything else this year. But, what about some of these other states?

First of all, what in the hell is Quizlet? After Googling it myself, I found out that it's some online learning tool. That took the top spot in both Indiana and North Carolina, yet I had never heard of it till now. Weird.

Of course, plenty of people wanted to know what was going on with former presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, so, naturally, those names popped up in a number of different states.

However, amid all the craziness that 2016 offered, the State of New York didn't find itself looking for Trump, Clinton, Stranger Things, Harambe or some other crazy news story that the year offered, but, instead, adidas!

Not sure what in the hell people in New York needed to know about the athletic brand, but, over everything else, that's what people in the state wanted to search for.

Personally speaking, my top Google searches have probably been things like "late-night pizza Portland" and "cheap sunglasses," so who the hell am I to question anyone else, right?


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