Thong Jeans And 5 Other Ways To Never Wear Denim

When it comes to style, we realize that everyone has different tastes! As the saying goes, fashion is an expression of one's true self and while we respect that, we simply cannot advocate for this BS. What BS might we be talking about? Oh, how about a little eye sore called thong jeans. Yep — you read that correctly. A pair of dungarees with an open derrière complete with a thing string of denim to directly line your butthole.

What is the world coming to, guys? In the spirit of these newly released thong jeans, we thought it best to school y'all on some other ways to never wear denim. Granted, none of them are as bed as the thong jeans, but, still — we really recommend against rocking any of these looks on a first date or, you know, just generally outside of the house. Hell, these outfits are shameful even in private.

Lead Image via Getty

Keep scrolling for the full list of fashion atrocities and remember, guys...real men say no to ugly denim!