Three Sexy Flight Attendants Are Blowing Up Instagram Thanks To Saucy Bikini Pics

Remember last month when we told you about the survey that revealed the hottest flight attendants? No offense to that research, but something tells us that they overlooked Victoria Tsuranova, Georgia Nielsen and Patricia Rainam, who are all sexy stewardesses by day, but total smokeshows during their days off.

And, naturally, people on Instagram have started to take notice.

Tzuranova, who works for Aeroflot, Nielsen, who's employed by Emirates, and Rainam of Norwegian Airlines, have all racked up thousands of followers thanks to their sexy adventures jet-setting around the world, where their job allows them to visit incredible destinations, and their followers are treated to a little tease of their hot lifestyle.

Clearly making the most of their days on the ground—which is, mostly, spent in bikinis—the three women just made us reconsider the only three airlines that we'll be flying from now on.


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