Fitness Model Tiffany Stanley On How To Stay In Tip-Top Shape

There are very few ladies on the planet that has it as good as Tiffany Stanley does. Already a successful model, Tiffany is now turning her attention towards healthy living and inspiring people to get themselves in shape, looking to become the next "It" girl when it comes to fitness. If you ask us, she's already got whatever "it" is.

Certified in health and fitness, Tiffany's "Model Body Guide" teaches people how to lose weight and keep it off for good. With a mix of exercises and healthy diet tips — like why fresh produce is key, the importance of limiting the amount of meat and dairy products you consume — Tiffany Stanley's obviously a fitness expert.


We got the chance to talk with Tiffany about some workout tips to help us avoid packing on some extra pounds as we navigate through these colder months. A good winter workout is always good for the mind, body and soul, so Tiffany Stanley was nice enough to spill some of her secrets.

FHM: What's It Like Being One Of The Most Popular Fitness Models On The Planet?

Tiffany Stanley: "It’s awesome to have connected with so many people from around the world via social media! My fans are from all over, and I love reading all the funny and sweet comments, it feels good. My DM is saturated, but if you leave a comment, I usually see those and reply to as many as I can."

FHM: OK, So The Weather's Getting Colder: How Can We Stay In Our Best Shape?

Tiffany Stanley: "I hate the cold weather, too! The best way is to join a class or find an activity you enjoy. You can also workout at home, put on your favorite music or TV show and just blast out 45 minutes in your living room — that way you don’t even need to leave the house. A playlist of all your top tunes will keep you in the zone. I often workout at home and do yoga, ab curls, hand weights and squats... keep moving and burning those calories!"

FHM: Any Home Workouts That We Can Try To Avoid The Hassle Of Going To The Gym?

Tiffany Stanley: "Working out at home saves so much time. Try compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups — think squats, push-ups, lunges, bicycles or planks. Start out with three sets of 15-20 reps, depending on your current level of fitness. If you're new to exercise, ease into it and start with three sessions a week. It takes time to develop natural motivation and increase your energy, so stick with it."

FHM: What About Food? What Are Things We Should Avoid Eating During The Fall, Winter And, Especially, The Holidays?

Tiffany Stanley: "I don't believe in 'diets'. Restrictions can really backfire and result in binge-eating. It’s better to adopt a lifestyle change overall. Fill up on good veggies, fruits, good carbs and make healthier versions of your favorite meals! Try making zucchini pasta instead of the regular kind, try baked sweet potato fries instead of deep fried. It’s so easy to make little changes that count. Over the holidays, just try to watch your portion sizes, so you're not eating three times the amount. Also, keep hydrated! This will help keep your appetite at bay. Success starts with your daily routine!"

FHM: Lastly, Would You Be Our Running Partner Sometime?

Tiffany Stanley: (laughs) "Most definitely! I've got a lot of stamina, let’s go!"

Lead image via Getty. Other images provided by Brian B Hayes and Raquel Rischard.

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