Breathalyzer Footage Of Tiger Woods Surfaces Following DUI And He Looks MESSED UP

image Via YouTube/PalmBeachPost

I don't necessarily feel bad for Tiger Woods, but WOOF, this footage is rough to watch. He was clearly very, very out of it, whether it was alcohol-related or otherwise the dude could barely stand up.

From Golf Week— "The Jupiter (Fla.) Police Department released dash camera footage Wednesday of Woods taken in conjunction with his DUI arrest. Another day and there’s more video. Police released a video Thursday night of Woods in the Blood Alcohol testing center at the Palm Beach County Jail soon after his arrest. In the footage, Woods appears disoriented and at one point looks to have fallen asleep while sitting in a chair. He is then instructed to take a breathalyzer test, a task he seems to struggle with but does eventually complete. He blows a 0.00."

Take a look—


According to numerous sources, Woods is scheduled to be arraigned July 5 in Palm Beach County Court. The odds aren't really looking too positively in his favor. While his BAC did come back 0.00, he has admitted to being on antidepressants and pain meds as an explanation for his state.

Fact of the matter is, Tiger has been in hot water before and ultimately came out on the other side unscathed. If he can bounce-back from the complete dissolution of his marriage in the public eye, I'm sure he can get through this, as well.

I predict his punishment will be a hefty, hefty fine and possibly the suspension of his license and that'll be that. To be fair, he's got plenty o' money and I doubt either of those things would have too much of a hinderance on his life. Moral of the story? Life must be nice being Tiger Woods—real consequence is of no consequence. Rock on, Tiger.

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