Tiger Woods Has Made More Money Per Shot In His Career Than Any Current Top-10 Golfer

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Tiger Woods is arguably one of the most controversial athletes of our time. Over the years it's become pretty difficult to separate his athletics from his, erm, "extracurricular activities" — primarily involving mistresses and mugshots. That being said, he's still a huge fan favorite in the golfing community and as such, people like reading about him. Specifically, how much money the dude has made! We suppose it still boggles people's minds that a golfer can be that obscenely rich. Not going to lie, it's a bit of a head-scratcher for us too.

From dead celebrities to famous actresses and everything in-between, it's not uncommon for FHM to cover the highest-paid people in a given industry, but there was something particularly shocking about Tiger's figures.

Thanks to the people over at Noob Norm — who looked at every single shot that Tiger Woods has ever taken in his illustrious PGA career — we now know the amount of money Tiger Woods has made per shot during that timeframe, both individually and as compared to today's Top-10 ranked golfers in the world:

At the peak of his career, Woods was making $4,191 per freakin' shot! It's hard to fathom making that much money for swinging a golf club. We don't mean to undermine the sport or anything, it's just, c'mon — most people aren't pulling in $4,191 in a single month. At 85,839 total shots during his career, it's not wonder that his net worth sits at a whopping $740 million as of May 2017. Well, here's looking at Tiger Woods! Even with one of the most f'ed up mugshots we've ever seen, he's still living the life.

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