The Amount Of Money Tiger Woods Has Made In Each U.S. State Is Ri-Golf-ulous

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With 14 major wins and lots of endorsements on his resume it's no surprise that Tiger Woods' net worth was estimated at an insane $740 Million in 2016, per Forbes. And, while the 42-year-old Tiger is back on the prowl (get it?), returning from a year or so off to recover from injuries and such, we're never sure that we'll ever see him as dominant as he once was. Legit, the guy could walk onto a tee box and already beat his playing partners by sheer intimidation and aura. It was like playing with a golf god to some.

Although those days are behind him, Tiger Woods' net worth is sure to continue to climb — not as if he needs the money or anything. Who knows if he'll ever win another major championship or not, but, even if he just plays consistently in each tournament he participates in, he'll just keep adding those dolla dolla bills.


With all that money, it's natural to wonder just where Tiger Woods scoops up the most cash — and some guys we know actually did just that, as they broke down the amount that Woods claimed from each of the U.S. states that he's participated in over his illustrious career. From our buddies at NoobNorm, who also gave us the insane amount of money that Tiger Woods has made with each shot in his career, take a look at the infograph showing what the guy has earned in each state.

Of course, warmer weather states like Florida and California site high up on the earnings list, since more tournaments are played there on the regular. Plus, when you add in the state of Georgia, where Tiger Woods has won The Masters four times, it's easy to see why he's pocketed over $13.3 million there.

One of the more surprising states might be Ohio, where Woods has scooped up over $16.3 million. But, remember, with the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational held there each August — and Tiger winning it a record eight times, which includes two back-to-back three-peats — it's kind of obvious why the Buckeye State has been so kind to Tiger Woods.

Look, the guy isn't what he once was — and we'll, sadly, probably never see him hoist another major title trophy over his head — but Tiger Woods' net worth is something that will only continue to grow and grow. And, lest we forget, he is only 42 years old and has been known to train like a beast over the course of his golf career, so who knows what we may see from him in the future?

You can see more from noobnorm.com by heading over to their website.

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