"TinerBro" Dares To Schedule 6 Dates In One Night (Then Proceeds To Watch His World Burn)

Image Via YouTube/InsideEdition

I've made my stance on online dating platforms abundantly clear, but for good measure, once more into the breach, my good men — go the f-ck outside, and meet women the way your grandfather met your grandmother, case closed. It's not as though I don't believe in the notion of meeting someone on the internet, it's that I think there's too much room for error. The amount of variables, for you math-oriented folks, are just too extreme! People get cocky behind a computer screen. I mean, hell, look at writers for the internet! Introducing yourself to someone face-to-face is a lost art! Call me old-fashioned, see if i care! Anyway, let's get to this epic failure by an overzealous, Tinder-bro.

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For realskies, did this gentlemen honestly believe 6 dates in one night at the SAME bar wasn't going to blow up in his face? Also, what in the fresh hell is a preliminary conversation, Justin?! Have you somehow replaced your mouth with your anus?

The amount of sh-t that guy was spewing was intolerable. Had I showed up to that bar, homeboy would have left crying. I do throughly enjoy that all the ladies came together in a very Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants way and bonded over their dating misfortune. Do you see it now, guys? Do you realize what's out there for women? It's a jungle of immaturity and entitlement. This wasn't a teenage boy, this was a 28-year-old, presumably employed MAN. If Justin is the face of Tinder, I'd rather meet someone at a bar where the people serving drinks are called, mixologists.

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