Having A Stylish Tinder Profile Makes A HUGE Difference, Per This Study (So Guys, Get To Shopping)

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For most dudes, Tinder can be a pretty overwhelming experience. There's so much pressure on the bio and tinder picture alone, that the idea of ever actually matching with the right lady seems damn near impossible!

That's most likely why most gentleman float from one pointless hookup to the next without ever really connecting with anyone! If you're too afraid to put yourself out there then you're 100% going to fail! Fortunately for y'all, we've got some top notch pointer that will completely revolutionize your match game.


Some dating gurus over at PSYCHE conducted a little study that yielded some pretty kickass results. Well,er, the results were only kickass if you happen to be a dude with style, but don't fret — even if you dress like you shop out of the .99 cent bin at Good Will, we'll be able to save you.

Study Overview:

" We created 2 Tinder profiles and ran them for a period of 2 weeks each. Each profile was identical apart from the photos. We kept the 'discovery settings' the same with an 18-35 age range and 20km distance, with all swiping taking place from a central Manchester location.

"Using the same model, each profile reflected two distinct styles. Profile one was dressed to the nines in on-trend designer clothing and accessories. we used a professional photographer to capture relaxed, smiling images of our model."

"Profile two took the focus away from the clothes, with the photos here showing no indication of style. We kept the photos basic, opting for a classic moody selfie with little attention to background or time spent getting the shots."

Mock Tinder Profiles

The Results

As you can see, the results are pretty freakin' convincing. If you can increase your chances on Tinder THAT much just from dressing up a bit, why not try it?

"Being well dressed on Tinder can increase your chances of matches by 450%!"

Yep, you read that correctly — 450%! That's a whole lotta progress, friends! If you're unsure about how to dress, no worries! We've got y'all covered with this men's style dating guide.

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