6 Foolproof Tips To Have "Sexy Time" At Your Parent's House

As per usual, we're not here to judge. When the urge to get down arises, what are you supposed to do?? Ignore it? Ha, I think not! If you're with your girlfriend and you're both in the mood—our advice? Go for it.

Just remember, aside from the fact you're going to die one day, before that, you're going to get old and saggy and possible incapable of performing. To deny one's self all the pleasures of youth is a sin (obviously not in the biblical sense, but you know what I mean).

Question is, what if we're not talking about a park in public or the back seat of a car, what if we're talking under your parent's roof—you know, like straight up high school style romps?

Well, don't you worry, we've got just the advice for you! Don't feel weird about it either. There are FAR stranger places to have sex than in your childhood home.



To check out each tip explained, head to the gallery below and remember it's doable, sometimes you just need a little guidance! Hopefully you're experience will be far more successful than anything that took place in American Pie.

Lead Image via YouTube

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