Tom Brady Got Awkward AF When Asked About His 'Friendship' With Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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When you think about the coolest people on the planet, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is typically one of those guys that comes to mind. I mean, not only does he have five Super Bowl rings — more than any other quarterback in NFL history — but he's calm under pressure and, oh yeah, happens to be married to the biggest supermodel on the planet, Gisele Bundchen.

Yep, life is pretty excellent for Tom Terrific, don't you think?


However, The future Hall of Famer showed that, yep, even he can have some awkward moments in life, especially when put on the spot by a radio station about his so-called friendship with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, who just defeated Conor McGregor this past weekend in a highly-anticipated bout that saw Mayweather's career boxing record go to 50-0.

So, what made Tom Brady get so strange during his weekly appearance on WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan radio show? The presumption that he and Mayweather might be a little closer than the signal-caller wants to admit, especially given Floyd's history of domestic violence.

Prior to Saturday's fight, there was a Tweet from Showtime Boxing's official Twitter account that showed Brady and Floyd FaceTiming.

See, the two of them are great friends, right? Well... here's what Tom had to say when asked about that on the aforementioned Kirk & Callahan show, via Complex:

HOST 1: We spent some time on this at the end of last week based on a comment Mayweather made to [ESPN’s] Sal Paolantonio, and obviously there was a fight this weekend. Mayweather said that the two of you were "very close friends." Would you say that’s an accurate representation of your relationship?

BRADY: [five second pause] Uh, no, I mean, I’ve met him a couple times. I think he’s a great fighter. That was a great fight the other night.

HOST 1: Did you watch? Did you order it? Did you pay for it?

BRADY: No, I saw it the next morning. I had a friend’s wedding I was at. It was a fun night for me. I had a lot of my friends in town, and one of my great friends got married. So it was a fun night.

HOST 1: And were you and your friends, your guys, rooting for Mayweather?

BRADY: [three second pause] I was at a wedding.

HOST 1: I know, but were you hoping? I mean, I was just saying at the break, I don’t find either guy very likable. I was watching it saying…

HOST 2: But that’s what I said last week. I said, "I can’t imagine that Brady"—I’ve met you one or two times—but in our days with you, you seem like a good guy. I mean, you must know about Mayweather’s history of domestic violence. I can’t imagine you would be friends with a guy like this.

BRADY: [four second pause] Uh…[four second pause]. Yeah. I’ve met him a couple times. Like I said, I think he’s a great fighter.

HOST 1: Yeah. [four second pause] And you FaceTime with him. He made sure everyone saw or heard about that. Did you just wish him luck or want to wish him luck?

BRADY: [eight second pause] I’m not sure where we’re going with this.

HOST 1: Well, my thing, I just, a guy was on ESPN—it was all over the place last week—if somebody like that said I was really good friends with him, I would want to respond and say, "No, I’m not." You did. That’s all. I just wanted to get your side of it. They played it five million times on ESPN. I didn’t think it was—if you’re legitimately not friends with a guy, I don’t think it’s fair to not give you a chance to respond to it.

BRADY: [three second pause] Yeah, I said I met him a couple times.

HOST 1: Right. Yeah, I understand. OK, that’s fine.

Well, sure doesn't sound as if Tom Brady wants to tarnish his squeaky clean image by associating with Mayweather, does it? I mean, that is him in the FaceTime video, so why won't he just admit what we all see with our own eyes? We won't assume anything, but...


Brady is one of the wittiest and brightest athletes around, who could teach a seminar on proper PR skills, so we'll just go ahead and chalk up his aloofness and silence as a major case of the Mondays — or something like that.


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