Tom Hardy's Cringeworthy MySpace (And 4 Other Celebs With Embarrassing, Old Social Media Accounts)

Bet you thought Tom Hardy was pretty cool, right?

Nope. You’re wrong. You’re so wrong. Turns out that our Tom - Mad Max, Charles Bronson, fuckin’ Bane - is a mahoosive dork of epic proportions.

How do we know? Someone found his old Myspace profile, and it’s excruciatingly cringeworthy. Take a look at some of the unearthed profile pics below...


The pictures have spread through the internet like wildfire, and chances are your timeline is currently being infiltrated by hundreds of topless, gurning, speedo-clad Tom Hardys.

But then, relentlessly ripping the piss out of successful celebrities is a time-honoured tradition. Just take a look at some of the other embarassing celebs who can't remember their old passwords...


01  Andy Carroll

You’d think with all of the time he spends doing absolutely nothing, spider-legged ponytailed talisman Andy Carroll would have a spare second to update his social media accounts - especially this Bebo page from his days at Preston North End.

A lot to work with here:

The Jungle Book is an unreal movie, to be fair. It’s a cartoon. About talking animals. It's unreal in every sense of the word.

At what point did Andy completely give up on the idea of 'styling' his hair?

We like the kind words he's dedicated to his imaginary girfriend.

"not my snake though ;)" ??

Does he still insist on being called 'Tha-Big-Ac'?

Glorious work by the former Tyneside hero.

02  Kim Kardashian

The 'Queen of the Belfie' was once but a humble princess - that is, if you go by the word of Kim Kardashian's old MySpace profile.

Pretty sparse this one. We've only included it because she apparently used a site called 'Pimp My Profile' to deck it out.


03  Jordan Henderson

Here is a picture of a teenage Jordan Henderson and his car.

And here is the rest of the Liverpool midfield maestro's old Bebo, in all of its glory..

Quite cute actually, this one. We'll leave him be.


04  Aaron Ramsey

Don’t let the foux-distressed ACDC T-shirt or faultless mirror-selfie skills fool you - the Welsh wizard was just as cringeworthy as his fellow football hopefuls.

‘Hi, im aaron i play football for Wales and cardiff city. Im about 6 foot with brown hair and brown eyes, like to go out with my m8s and familly! I live in Caerphilly a little town by Cardiff so if ya wanna get 2 know me more add me on msn aaron_ramsey_8@hotmail.co.uk

‘Music i like alsorts of music but indie stands out for me and btw i dont like dance.
‘Films i never used to be a films type of person but i must admit i have bn watchin a few l8ly like die hard 4 n a few others that a cant think of rite naw. Sports football Scared Of nuthin im hard as nais.hmm wel sum say i am but i wouldnt like to cum that close to tarantulars if thats how u spell it.
‘Happiest When with friends, familly. like it wen we go out n have a gd nite with al my m8.’

More questions than answers, here:

Why does he feel the need to tell us the colour pallet of his entire head? You’ve uploaded a picture, Aaron.

Does he still harbour a fiery hatred for dance music?

How's Al doing these days?


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