This Tool Could Be Your Only Chance Of Actually Surviving A Gun Shot To The Head

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The Center For Disease Control reported as per their last census that 33,599 people died from firearm wounds in 2014.

According to Medical Daily—"This survival-predicting tool is called the SPIN-Score, which stands for Surviving Penetrating Injury to the Brain, and it predicted whether people would survive with 96 percent accuracy."

96 percent accuracy is pretty incredible, if you ask me. I would be somewhat calmed to be 96% certain whether I'd live or die, especially if I were in a field that made me susceptible to a gun shot wound, let alone a headshot. Most people don't get that sort of fair warning, so in that capacity this is remarkable stuff. You can't put a price on peace of mind, amirite? Not that ANY of this is peaceful, but you get what I mean!

Question is, how did they manage to determine this survivability-rate? It's not like you can just go around shooting people to see what happens, right? RIGHT. It was a lot more reserved than that—"To develop the SPIN-score, researchers looked back at 10-years of data from two level-one trauma centers on patients who’d experienced penetrating brain injuries— which, in most cases, were caused by gunshots. The team paid close attention to factors associated with surviving the injury, both in the hospital and six months later.Research showed that a person's pupils responded to light and how they could move in response to stimuli, such as obeying commands or withdrawing from pain, were the strongest predictors of survival."

10-years is a solid amount of time to conduct a study of this magnitude. We wouldn't want anything of this severity being handled haphazardly or rushed. Study author, Susanne Muehlschlegel, says that much more research needs to be conducted to fully validate SPIN-Score, but for now, we're headed in the right direction.

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