This Man Popped A Tooth Infection Growing Through His Cheek And Yep, It's About As Foul As You'd Expect

Image via YouTube

From golf ball sized cysts to ear pimples galore, we've seen just about every gross extraction video the internet has to offer. That being said, this tooth abscess extraction is by far the worst! No, we're not sensationalizing anything, we mean serious business.

The reason this particular extraction is so heinous, is because the individual in question isn't a damn medical doctor. It's one thing to see these procedures being handled in the sterilized offices of Dr. Pimple Popper, it's another to see them being done with what appears to be a pair children's scissors. YouTube user, Jeremie Ramey writes (unedited for posterity):

"This is a abscess on my lower jaw. And some how made its way through my cheek!! I when to the ER. and got some meds for infection and pain. Well the pain pills went quick. Then the meds for infection was gone in bout 2 weeks. Not even two days later the infection that was all most gone come right back this time worst. So I did what I had to do. Not the best video but at least I sheared it!"

Now, we're sure Mr. Jeremie Ramey had the best intentions when making this video, but we strongly advise against doing anything of the sort on your own. If you want to pop a pimple or extract a blackhead, that's A-OK. Anything more "technical" than that — call a freakin' professional before losing a part of your body to infection. Seriously y'all, safety scissors are not designated tools for the removal of a tooth abscess.

Lead Image via YouTube


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