America's Top 10 Fears Of 2017 Look An Awful Lot Like The Plot Of 'The Hunger Games'

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A study by Chapman University has revealed what Americans fear most in 2017 and let's just say, it's not the dark. In fact, the top 10 fears in America are so frightening that we sort of wish we could trade them all in for a night out with Pennywise. What's one date with a maniacal, serial killing clown in the face of global warming, corrupt politicians, and zero healthcare? Oh, and let's not forget — the former is a figment of Stephen King's imagination, the latter is very much real and TBH, the world is basically ending. We don't mean to alarm you, though! That's what Fox News is for.

We are quite literally living in a borderline dystopian society. No joke, people used to laugh and say "OMG, if Trump gets elected it'll be like living in The Hunger Games". Well, folks — you're crappy attempt at dark humor was a success! This is some Katniss Everdeen sh-t. To be fair, we don't think we'll have to start fighting to the death in an arena-style setting for the entertainment of government officials, but with the way things are going ...it's not entirely out of the realm of possibilities.

In the infographic below you'll see America's top 10 fears broken down quite whimsically. There's even cute little images to make our abysmal reality seem less like impending doom...

Frankly speaking, it's a little laughable that corrupt politicians falls highest on the list. Are people aware that nobody is going to be able to argue about politics if they can't breathe? We're fairly certain clean, breathable air and drinkable water are staples in sustaining human life, but, shrug, what do we know?

Don't get us wrong, corrupt politicians (cough, Trump, cough) are scary as hell, but that doesn't negate the fact environmental issues will inevitably be the end of civilization. Again, don't mean to scare you — especially because you're already scared, but, c'mon — common sense, folks.

The less-animated infographic below reinforces the percentages of the top 10 fears of Americans reporting "afraid" or "very afraid" ...

Well, that about sums it up! Sorry to be a major bummer smack dab in the middle of the week, but, hey! Isn't it better to face your fears head on instead of ignoring them? Then again, despite acknowledging these fears, Americans aren't doing anything about it ...so, yep, perfect example of a lose-lose. How fun!

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