Surprisingly, The Most Googled Actors Of 2017 Are Winning Searches, But Not Box Offices

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Let's just go ahead and call a spade a spade, Hollywood is shambles right now. In fact, the only place less tumultuous than Hollywood right now is hell. By hell, we mean hell. Yes, the actual fiery pits with Dante and the seven circles and all that sh*t. What?! It's true. We're not being dramatic, you're being dramatic. In fact, you know what? Hey, Dante! If you're looking for an 8th circle of Hell, Hollywood should be your go-to (that, or the dark cloud of Harvey Weinstein's disgusting head).

Moving forward, the top google searches of 2017 as they pertain to actors is pretty abysmal. It's a shame that a few perverts (criminals) could taint an entire list, but a las, here we are. That being said, there are plenty of highlights who we love and adore — you know, like the lovely Meghan Markle and Gal Gadot. Oh, and how could we forget, there's also Bill Skarsgård, who absolutely killed it (literally) as Pennywise in the new, It movie. Below you'll find the full list, accompanied by what we believe to be very accurate, to the point summaries.

Top Google Searches, 2017 (Actors):

1. Meghan Markle


You might recognize Meghan Markle from USA Network's Suits. There's also a strong chance you don't recognize her from USA Network's Suits — because no one watches it. That being said, she's marrying into the Royal Family, she's beautiful, talented, educated, and a genuine role model for young women today.

2. Kevin Spacey

Not going to dignify the former House of Cards actor with a picture, let alone an explanation. His career is over, and hopefully, his Google search volume will reflect that soon enough.

3. Gal Gadot:


You might recognize Gal from a little movie called Wonder Woman, ever heard of it? She's another smart, beautiful, talented as hell lady and Hollywood should be damn happy to have her!

4. Louis C.K

And here we go with another fine gentleman who can't keep his d*ck firmly planted in his pants — let's keep it moving.

5. Meryl Streep


TBH, we hold Meryl Streep to the same standard as Jane Fonda and Oprah freakin' Winfrey. She's a queen and legend and we don't care how masculine you are, if you haven't seen The Devil Wears Prada, there's something wrong with you. That being said, we don't know why she's on this list. Is that not OK to say? C'mon, we're a little lost on this one, give us a break.

6. Bill Skarsgård


If you peed your pants at a movie theater in 2017, there's a good chance Bill Skarsgård was responsible! Finally, a dude on the list for some actual acting chops — what a novel concept, right? Also, that Pennywise face is ICONIC and the dude deserves and award because of it. Here you go, Bill, FHM salutes you.

7. Millie Bobby Brown


We love us some Stranger Things and of course, Eleven is the best character, so we're pleased to see that so many viewers responded well to Millie Bobby Brown's kickass Season 2 performance — it was bitchin' (only fans will get the reference).

8. Tom Holland


He was the new Spiderman, we believe that warrants his place on this list. As with all things superhero-centric, it's a pretty big deal to a lot of people (primarily teenage boys) and we suspect that's why his name landed in the top 10.

9. Maia Campbell

We had to do some leg work on Maia Campbell, who, according to USA Today was seen in an unsettling Twitter video begging for crack. Campbell as an actress/rapper back in the 90s alongside LL Cool J. As you can see above, Cool J reached out to Maia, but she denied his assistance.

10. Tommy Wiseau


In the spirit of being honest, we had to Google this dude as well. WTF, maybe we're more in the clouds when it comes to pop culture than we previously thought! Anyway, he produced and directed The Room, which has been described by many critics as "one of the worst movies ever made".

Well, guys, that's everybody. Let's hope that 2018 is a better year and that Hollywood is held to a higher standard. Cheers to that!

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