A (Very) Drunken Year In Review: The Top 10 Most-Searched Cocktails In 2017

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Another day, another article about the top Google searches of 2017. This time however, we've got an extra-special treat! If there's one thing that remained consistent this year, despite the political turmoil, natural disasters, and the crumbling of Hollywood — it was people getting wasted. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, booze reigns supreme. OK, we can't very well sit here and suggest that it's healthy to cope with alcohol, but, hey! Sometimes a little sauce makes the days easier and so long as you don't destroy your life in the process, drink away, y'all.

The list below features the top 10 most-searched cocktails from the past year. We're not going to lie, it's a strong batch! Let's just say nobody was googling F'in piña coladas, that's for sure. Because we know our booze pretty well, we're going to go ahead and describe the drinks in our own words. We hope that you enjoy, drink up, and maybe learn a thing or two.


Margaritas are ideal in warm weather. They're tequila-based, so be prepared for a mind-numbing hangover. That being said, they're delicious and most definitely worth it. Always go for the fresh margarita, don't use that BS drink mix from the grocery store.


Mojitos are the most delicious cocktail ever, no contest. They're the perfect blend of rum, mint, and simple syrup — seriously, the Cubans know their sh-t when it comes to cocktails and we're forever thankful.

Hot Toddy

Booze that works as medicine? Yes freakin' please. A hot toddy is perfect if you have a sore throat or even if you just want to warm up on an especially cold day (ideally at home, but if you drink one at the office...we won't tell anyone).


Sangria, while delicious, is pretty lethal. It's a mix of wine, fruit, vodka, triple sec, and club soda. If you're feeling especially festive, you can replace the club soda with champagne. If you do that however, you can expect to blackout after 2 glasses — you've been warned.

Whiskey Sour

You can add sour mix to urine and it would still just taste like sour mix. That being said, Whiskey Sours are pretty freakin' delicious. As mentioned with margaritas, these bad boys are FULL of sugar and will result in a debilitating hangover the next day (yes, still worth it).

Mai Tai

If were being perfectly honest, we've never had a mai tai in our lives. We typically associate them with tropical vacations — speaking of, we could really use one of those right now. Yes, a mai tai AND tropical vacation would be perfect.

Bloody Mary

Plain and simple — a Bloody Mary is the more adventurous choice of basic b-tches who love brunch.


We're pretty sure a Cosmopolitan is a fancier way to say cranberry and vodka. It's a more "feminine" cocktail heavily associated with HBO's Sex And The City.

Old Fashioned

An Old Fashioned is a man's drink! Sure, it's got virtually an entire sugar cube in it, but, man, that whiskey is strong. It takes a pretty suave dude to pull of drinking an Old Fashioned, so unless you're Don Draper, you might want to leave it to the professionals.

Irish Car Bomb

If you haven't had an Irish Car Bomb in your life, you're seriously missing out. Generally speaking they're reserved for St. Patrick's Day. In fact, anyone who drinks them outside of that holiday is most likely an alcoholic or college student in a fraternity.

Well, guys, that about sums it up! It was a year full of booze and we suspect that will continue to be the case come 2018. Drink smart, drink safe, and for the love of God, call an Uber! Anyone who gets a DUI nowadays is stone-cold idiot, #SorryNotSorry.

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