The Top 10 'How To' Google Searches Of 2017 Show Just How F'in Random This Year Has Been

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Man, can you guys believe 2017 is almost over? We can't! In the beginning it was as if this year would never end. Now that it almost has, we've gotta say, thank freakin' God. Seriously, what a sh-tstorm. Let's all take a quiet moment to pray that 2018 will be better — although, with Trump as acting president until 2020, don't raise those expectations too much, fellas. That being said, there is one solid thing that came out of this year and that's the top Google searches of 2017. No, really, this list is wildly entertaining. So much so, that here at FHM, we decided to break it down into different segments. Ya know, to make sure we give the necessary attention to each.

Today we're bringing you guys the top "how to" Google searches of 2017 and as we said in the headline, they're pretty F'in random. We also decided to throw in some answers/explanation because we're just good like that. Enjoy!

How to…

How to make slime

We have next to no clue as to why this is a thing, but rest assured, the people of 2017 love it. If you happen to be one of those weirdos, then there ya go. That video was for you. Maybe in 2018 you can take on some normal interests, like, oh, we don't know — pimple popping videos

How to make solar eclipse glasses/ how to watch the solar eclipse

These were two separate questions, but we figured there's no harm in combining them — at least no harm as dangerous as staring directly into a freakin' eclipse, which is what a lot of idiots did this year. The next solar eclipse won't be until April 8, 2024 — start prepping now, gyus.

How to watch Mayweather vs. McGregor

The Mayweather vs. McGregor fight already happened and thusly, there's really no need to know how to watch it now, but, if you're really behind the times then we suppose you can watch it HERE on Showtime. Seriously though, you should get out more. Everyone watched that damn fight like four months ago.

How to buy Bitcoin

We don't care about bitcoin — there, we said it. However, just because we don't care doesn't mean other people feel the same way (obviously). So, in the spirit of giving the readers what they want. Here you go: a step-by-step guide from Business Insider to which the first step includes, downloading the Coinbase app.

How to freeze your credit

C'mon y'all, are you serious with this one?! We don't even need to Google this for an explanation, it's THAT obvious. Then again, maybe it was a bunch of overprivileged teenagers searching this one, so, if you guys are reading, here you go: call the credit card company and tell them to freeze your credit card. If you don't know the number for the credit card company, Google "Visa customer service number", as an example.

How to solve a rubix cube

We're pretty sure the proper spelling is Rubik's Cube, but that's OK. We don't expect anyone to care about grammar and spelling nowadays. More concerning, is that the Rubik's Cube came out in the 70s and then got super popular during the 80s — why the hell is it still popular? It's boring, frustrating, and does little to impress others with your intelligence. Just play *video games, you nerds.

How to make a fidget spinner

Our suggestion for making a fidget spinner? Don't. Do you know how fast you'd kill the mood with a line like, "Sorry, babe, I'd love to come over, but I'm too busy making a fidget spinner." Woof, we pity the women that happened to this year.

How to cook turkey in the oven

Really? First of all, deep frying a turkey is way faster and the meat turns out far more delicious, but, whatever — stick to those boring holiday traditions if you insist, people. To answer this question simply, you cook a turkey in the oven...by placing the turkey in the oven.

How to screen record

Finally! A normal question about technology. See, now this is something we can understand (iPhone users) wanting to know about. Unfortunately, we worry that people wanted to learn how to screen record so they can more easily share their creepy slime and Rubik's Cube obsessions — we retract our former statement, 2017 has finally been cancelled and we couldn't be happier.

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