Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson's Now A 42-Year-Old Bombshell We Can't Help But Stare At

We honestly can't believe that its been nearly a decade since former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson walked away from the wrestling industry, ending the blonde bombshell's run as one of the premier women to ever step into the ring and, more importantly, ripping out the hearts of all those 20-somethings who enjoyed seeing her every week during events.

While we haven't heard much about Torrie in quite some time — outside of that whole relationship she had with former MLB slugger Alex Rodriguez — let's not forget that this woman once graced the cover of FHM back in 2006, so, yeah, we've had quite the crush on her for a long, long time.


But, want to know the best thing about all of this? Today, at 42 years old, Torrie Wilson might look even better than she did when we featured her in the mag 11 years ago — and we've got plenty of pics armed and ready to prove it!

Wilson, who's also a model, actress and a fitness competitor, might just be our favorite 40-something lady to follow on Instagram these days. And, we can boast a little bit because we've been supporting her career since day one, making sure she gets the recognition she deserves!

Helping to motivate people to live both positively and healthy, Torrie Wilson is spreading lots of good vibes all around the Interwebs, making sure that her 505,000 Instagram followers wake up every morning with a smile on their faces and energy to go tackle the day. And, honestly, it's a major positive to see from someone who has achieved so much by a young age.

Here's to Torrie Wilson, who, while she doesn't have to remind us how sexy she is, still continues to do so because why not flaunt what the good lord gave you!

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