Five Traits To Avoid Being An ‘Average Joe’

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Believe it or not, today is National Joe Day. And, because we all know a few Joes who fit the bill of being just, you know, average, we figured we'd give you a few traits to avoid such a label.

The name is no bullshit: it's simple, short and carries some weight. That said, even for those men who don't have the name Joe, here's what it takes to stand out and avoid being "just like every other guy" out there.

Dress The Part

"Do you," as they say. Dressing the part doesn’t mean spending $5,000 on suits or wearing things because a men’s magazine recommended it. It means dressing the way that maximizes the best version of you. For some people, it’s a suit and tie. In the startup culture, it could be a hoodie and jeans. Either way, be comfortable in your own skin—and layer yourself with what feels right.

Keep Cool Under Pressure

Between deadlines, obligations and relationships, it’s easy to lose your cool. The culture we live in demands our attention to reply to texts and respond to emails in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. Take a deep breath, prioritize what really matters, and put first things first. Give yourself time to exercise, meditate and decompress so you’re ready to go the following day.

Use Humor And Wit

You don’t have to be Dave Chappelle or even Joe Rogan to use comedy in your everyday life. Those who can look at the world and see the ridiculous, and then make other people smile because of it, are the ones we learn to love. If you’re in a professional role, try poking fun at yourself at the beginning of a meeting to create some good vibes. Take yourself a little less seriously and earn a little more trust in the process.

Surprise One Person A Day

This can be something as simple as calling your mom or buying the coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks. Most of us go through the day doing the things we have to do—paying the parking meter, hitting a deadline, etc.—and, even more so, most of the time we communicate to get what we want. This comes in the form of asking co-workers for reports or asking friends for a favor.

Be Reliable.

Be someone who other people can count on. In essence, just show up. Showing up to help a friend move or going to your nephew’s play isn’t going to make you famous, but it will make you feel good. Be the guy who does great work, and, if someone’s not happy with it, acknowledge his or her feelings, take responsibility and ask for another try. It’s not about getting things right, it’s about getting things better. You’re human, but anything but an ‘Average Joe’.

Josh Womack is the head writer of Laugh Staff where he writes hilarious wedding speeches.

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