Model Katy Johnson Talks About Must-Dos While Traveling (Especially For The Holidays)

Gents, introduce yourself to blonde cutie Katy Johnson, who's an actress, model and show host, and has been featured in a number of different publications. Oh, and she also happens to know a thing or two about travel tips, since, you know, she's currently working on her documentary, “One Model Mission,” where she's hoping to visit 196 countries and document 196 definitions of beauty in each culture.

So, yeah, in addition to her good looks, Katy Johnson separates herself from all those other hot Instagram models by having a good head on her shoulders, too, as she hopes to make a positive impact on people around the globe. In our opinion, there's nothing sexier than that!

After moving out to Los Angeles from small town Iowa at the age of 18, Katy's passion for entertainment, modeling and music have blended together nicely, allowing her to jet-set all over the globe for various projects — with the aforementioned documentary clearly her biggest one to date. And, with so many frequent flier miles, we asked Katy for some travel tips and must-dos; here's what she had to tell us.

I absolutely love travel. It’s the one thing that people spend money on and become richer with because of experiences. I find that, the more you travel, the more you want to travel. I, myself, am utterly addicted. The rush of a new city, the uncertainty in foreign terrain and the excitement of exploring somewhere new is like a drug to me.

There are plenty of travel tips out there, but, one thing I do before an upcoming trip, is research flights about six weeks prior to departure for the best bargain. Typically, I use Skyscanner — which is amazing and it compares numerous airline sites. Tuesday’s also a good day to book, as tickets are lower for some reason. Also, make sure that your browsing window is private so the airlines or hotels don’t store your cookies and raise prices. This has really knocked down prices of hotels for me.

Reading a little about your destination helps more than you know, knowing the language, currency, capitol, etc. Educating yourself about where you’re traveling to is definitely recommended, too! Looking at Pinterest or Instagram at images from that country is a great travel tip, as it shows things or places you may want to add to your “must-see” list.

As for travel apps, some awesome ones to have on your phone for travel are Itranslate, Skyscanner, Currency, Expedia, AirBnb, STA Travel, City Essentials, Citymaps2go and Couchsurfing.

Let’s talk staying safe, though — since this is something every traveler keeps in the back of his/her mind, especially my fellow female traveler.s When telling people I was going solo to places like Cambodia, Thailand, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Romania, they said, “Are you sure it’s safe? You shouldn’t go! It doesn’t sound like a good idea.” If I listened to all those people, then I’d have missed out on so many beautiful places and would’ve never met so many incredible people! That doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen and you should be naive, but it does mean that, typically, people want to help you, not hurt you. Just use common sense, trust your gut and you should be fine.

Try to book transportation prior to landing places if the taxi system is known to be dodgy. I either use Uber or have my hotel arrange things for me. I try not to land in certain countries at night time. I don’t wear flashy things in a lot of countries, as it’s just asking to get mugged or pick-pocketed.

Drinking in a foreign country is cool, but don’t get too drunk in foreign countries — especially if you’re alone and have no one to watch your back.

I think the opportunity for people to travel outside of their comfort zone is a true life-changing experience. The stories a person will have, the things they get to see and do, and the amazing people they will meet are memories that will never escape them.

But, remember to do the proper research and really have a think if it’s a place that might be risky. Your gut will tell you what’s good and what’s sketchy.

Traveling is so enriching, so open your mind and find yourself! Go Travel! Get more travel tips on my website, where I also offer travel planning help, too!

All images provided by Jon Lorentz and Shandrew Public Relations.

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