The 'Travis' Handheld Translator Pairs With 80 Languages, So It Might Be Time For Some Jet Setting

Image Via Instagram/fashionaartphotography

'Join us, so you can speak with anyone, anywhere', is the motto that Lennart van der Ziel, CEO of Travis, is preaching to the market and I've gotta say, I'm one-hundred percent on board!

Living in a world without language barriers could possibly be one of the greatest technological advances in known history. Sure, there are other translators out there capable of what Travis can do, your Smartphone included, but this particular prototype is offering something the others aren't. The Verge writes:

"The device supports over 80 languages when it has a SIM in it, or a Wi-Fi connection, and 20 languages in offline mode. The creators of Travis have apparently partnered with several different companies to include the "best translation engines" for each language. Travis has a stripped-down UI for selecting what languages you're trying to work with, and it can auto-detect languages, as well."

Currently, the prototype is a very rough draft, not yet at handheld size, but the creators are hopeful and frankly, so are we. This has the potential to open so many doors for mankind, it's unreal. The fact that not only will it translate 80 languages, but that those translations will come from the best translating engines is perhaps even greater than Google Translate. I'm not knocking what's already on the market, but frankly, I've used a few of the engines myself, specifically for Russian translation, and it hasn't always gone so well.

Go ahead and start planning those vacays, Gentleman. The Travis retail launch is planned for winter of this year after "testing and learning" with initial users. Thus far they've already raised $80,000 worth of funding and we're sure more will roll in soon enough. This isn't just another fancy device to take better Instagram pictures, this has the potential to change lives.

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