'Troll Cakes' Are The Best, Most Delicious Way To Clap Back At Your Internet Haters

As per the Troll Cakes website, the steps are pretty simple. They take an internet comment of your choosing, turn it into a cake, then mail it to the person who spewed the hate with a copy of their original comment. It comes a long with an AMAZING certificate that reads—"Congratulations! Your internet comment has been made into a Chocolate Chip Brown (or whatever flavor you've chosen) Troll Cake."

Uh, okay, this is literally the best thing I've seen in a long time. It incorporates the execution of SO many old-timey adages that I don't even know where to begin. I can actually hear my grandmother right now:

Anyway, Troll Cakes is based out of Brooklyn, NY and you can hit them up on Trollcakeplease@gmail.com. They are obviously a bunch of quirky, brilliant bakers, because how adorably witty are these options?!

Option 1: Troll Cake

Option 2: Troll Cake + Detective Agency

Option 3: Tiny Hands Special

New York Post

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