Trump Protestor Sucker Punches White Nationalist Richard Spencer During Live TV Interview (VIDEO)

Image via Twitter

Following the inauguration of Donald Trump today as America's 45th President, there have been numerous protests and marches around the country. While some have intentions of simply practicing their right to the First Amendment, there are many more that are just people rioting and looting for the sake of causing trouble.

Who knows if that was the case here, but during a live TV interview, white nationalist Richard Spencer got sucker punched as he was playfully explaining the role of Pepe the frog’s role in the election.

Spencer, who recently caught fire after he was seen holding a Nazi salute with Tila Tequila on Twitter a few months ago, seemed to be the target the protestor wanted to go after—and there aren't too many people on social media showing much sympathy.

You never want to see anything like this happen, but when a guy does and says the things that Spencer has in the past, it's a sad reality. With the United States appearing to be more divided than ever as Donald Trump takes office, let's just hope things are able to be kept under control.


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