That Circle In Your Tupperware Container Lid Is There For A Saucy Reason

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Earlier this week we shared a story about a Twitter user who schooled the entire internet on what the division symbol really means. Now we've got some ingenious lady who was kind enough to teach us what the heck that circle on your tupperware lid is ACTUALLY used for with a Facebook post. Honestly, where would we be without social media? I suspect walking through life aimlessly without any damn dressing for our salads or sauces for our meats (that sounded dirtier than I intended).


Frankly speaking, I don't do the whole meal prep thang. I've tried it once or twice, but the idea of eating the same lunch day after day for an entire week seems entirely to dull for my varied tastes. Yeah, yeah — I realize I could simply prep multiple meals for lunches, but who the heck has time for that?!

I barely have time to brush my teeth in the morning and I'm NOT about to waste any free-weekend time on my health and fitness, puh-lease. I do however think this particular invention is pretty baller! I'm thinking about all of the ways I could utilize it — butter for the popcorn I sneak into the movies, a shot of Jameson for my morning coffee, hot sauce for well, basically everything. The options are endless. For those of you just looking to throw some oil and vinegar in there for a salad, good for you! Show off.

Image Via Amazon


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