Turn Your MacBook Into A Touchscreen With This Simple Gadget

Image via YouTube

For years, Apple's biggest competitors have harped on the fact that the MacBook has never had the capability to be a touchscreen, with Apple appearing to be steadfast in their refusal to ever release such a device—which makes sense, considering the iPad is Apple's version of such a device.

Still, for us who rely on a MacBook to get our work done, having a touchscreen laptop is something we've all desired. And thanks to a new gadget called the AirBar, it's absolutely possible to convert your Apple computer into one.


Using a magnetic sensor that sits underneath the bottom edge of a MacBook's display, the AirBar easily connects around the edges of your computer and over your screen to offer a touchscreen option.

Selling for just $99, the AirBar—which was previously only for 15.6-inch Windows laptops and can be used on PC devices—is now available for preorder for those with the 13-inch Macbook Air, with shipping beginning in March. The company which produces the device, Neonode, says that there will be other products in the near future that will be supported by other Apple laptops sometime this year.


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