Turns Out That Hot Girl Busted For Smuggling $30 Million In Cocaine Was Once A Nude Model (Pics)

Image via Instagram/melinar___

Remember last week when we told you about a couple of total babes from Canada who were busted in a massive drug ring while vacationing on a luxury cruise in Australia, resulting in $30 million of cocaine being captured? Yeah, in addition to being total criminals, one of them, Isabelle Lagace, was actually a nude model, too!

The 28-year-old Lagace, who allegedly posed under the nude name "Izabel"—which isn't really a great disguise, in my own opinion—was found to have 11 videos and 171 photos on the skin site FlashyBabes.com, which, while not porn, BE WARNED isn't something you want to click on while at work.

According to Daily Star, Isabelle Lagace was 19 years old when she posed for the website, which still has most, if not, all of her images up.

From naked model to a first-class vacation and now, most likely, to prison, what a wild ride it has been for the Isabelle. Hope it was fun while it lasted for her.

H/T BroBible