TV Cameras Caught A Hot Oakland Raiders Fan In The Stands And The Internet Developed A Major Crush On Her

True story: In case you didn't know or just forgot, Pamela Anderson was discovered at a football game in her native Canada, when, as luck would have it, she was shown on the big screen and, boom, the rest is history.

Not sure that's what will happen to an Oakland Raiders fan named Michelle Kristine Gallow or not, but she's enjoying quite the attention after CBS cameras caught a glimpse of her in the stands of last week's game, sending the Internet into a frenzy.

After some digging, Michelle's identity was revealed and, you guessed it, people can't seem to get enough of her.

With the Raiders at a surprising 9-2, in first place in the AFC West and being talked about as legit Super Bowl contenders, the fact that they have Michelle Kristine Gallow on their side only proves that good things are happening in Oakland.

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