6 TV Shows Getting A Reboot In 2018 That We’re Pumped AF To Watch

Whether it's fashion, food, music, or television — all things old have a way of becoming new again. That statement was never made more apparent than when we got a glimpse of just how many tv series reboots are coming in 2018. It's like, man, can anyone come up with an original idea anymore? Just kidding, we don't mind at all! These shows were great a couple of decades ago and they're going to (hopefully) be great now! The best part? It's a really solid mix of genres. From animated series and true crime to drama and comedy, there's something for everyone.

The trouble is, is that while all of these shows are "in the works", it's not guaranteed that all of them will be coming back, sigh. See, Hollywood's definition of "happening" versus the real world definition don't always align. That being said, the list is still pretty freakin' awesome and we can, in fact, confirm that a couple of them will 100% to be on the air in the near future.

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