Twisted Fertility Doctor Used His Own Sperm To Impregnate At Least 50 Of His Patients

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Having kids is supposed to be one of the most incredible experiences for any person—no matter how it occurs. But, in this case, it turned into a shocking revelation that no one could have foreseen occurring after a fertility doctor artificially impregnated at least 50 of his patients without them knowing.

According to WTHITV in Indiana, one woman, Deborah Pierce, discovered that, through DNA testing, Dr. Donald Cline had artificially inseminated her with his own sperm, not through a sperm donor as she was originally told.


When Pierce first underwent artificial insemination from Dr. Cline years ago, she was told that the sperm was provided by a medical student who was only allowed to be used for no more than three pregnancies. However, Pierce's daughter found through a DNA test that she has lots of siblings, which raised eyebrows, per WTHITV.

“When I took the test I found seven siblings, so right then, we all kind of questioned what was wrong,” Ballard said, “We knew something was wrong because one, there was a seven year gap. A lot of people that aren’t even in the medical field know that a residency is three to four years, not seven. So what kind of residency is going to be seven years?”

After some more DNA testing and narrowing down their research, they uncovered the truth—that Dr. Cline had used his own sperm to—which left Pierce and her daughter absolutely shocked.

“I couldn’t believe it actually, I didn’t really know until the prosecutor’s DNA test report came out and it was 99.9%,” Pierce said, “You feel like he deceived you, you were lied to.”

Dr. Donald Cline was, according to CNN, charged with obstruction of justice.


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