Two Guys Could Win A Ton Of Money After Betting Just $300 On The Green Bay Packers

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It's sad to admit, but as much as I'm often told that I'm a sports encyclopedia, I actually suck at gambling on the damn things, often overthinking way too much and losing a bunch of money because of it.

Gambling is a skill, and I clearly don't have it.

Two guys who do, though? Friends Brian Yankelevitz and Russ Axelrod, who knew to bet on the Green Bay Packers at the right time and, ever since then, have maintained a hot streak similar to that of the Pack themselves, who have run off eight-straight victories.

Parlaying an initial $300 bet back when the Packers were struggling at 4-6, the two men now have a chance at winning an insane $76,000 should Green Bay beat the Atlanta Falcons in this weekend's NFC Championship Game.

The ballsier move, though? Yankelevitz and Axelrod actually turned down just over $28,000 after the Pack won this past weekend against the Dallas Cowboys, reinvesting that money for a chance at about $48,000. Now that is a gamble.

As someone who's miserable at gambling, if I ever had the chance to cash-out $28,000 on just $300, I probably wouldn't think twice about it. But, as good gamblers know, taking a risk, maintaining patience and hoping for your luck to never run out can reap some serious benefits—so here's to hoping Brian Yankelevitz and Russ Axelrod have one more Packers win in them to get them even more cold hard cash.

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