Two Guys Documented Their Entire Mount Everest Hike On Social Media And It's Breathtaking Stuff

Image via Instagram/adrianballinger

It takes strong will to even attempt to climb Mount Everest, as the tallest mountain in the world demands both physical and mental toughness to conquer. And while most of us could never even imagine inflicting that type of stress on ourselves—it really is a matter of life or death—two hikers, Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards, seemed to have some fun in their recent journey up Everest.

As both Ballinger (who's a world-class mountaineer and ski alpinist) and Richards (an alpinist and photographer for National Geographic) set off on their journey together with a 14-pound satellite system that was supposed to provide cell service as they made their trek up the 29,029-foot mountain, they documented most of their trip on social media, sharing some incredible footage.

Unfortunately, the satellite crapped out on them due to technical difficulties—which didn't allow them to get the summit of Everest—but, nonetheless, they were able to put together this fun video.


After failing in his attempt to reach the top in 2012, Cory Richards was able to accomplish the feat this time around, while Adrian Ballinger—who had completed the hike six times before with oxygen—opted to turn back with about 1,000 feet to go, as he was trying to make the trek without oxygen. Talking to CBS News afterwards, Ballinger said, "I wondered, could I take my body and my emotional strength to this extreme."

Climbing over 20,000 feet, the two were able to keep things real on social media, providing viewers to see what it really feels like under some of the most extreme conditions on the planet, where one mistake could cost one his or her life.

H/T Fitness Magazine