Watch Two Crazy Guys Get Into The Most Amusing Airplane Brawl Of 2017

Image Via Twitter/CoreyHour

I think that if you want to kick the shit out of someone, you should reserve that action to a few VERY specific locations. I'll rattle them off for good measure—boxing ring, seedy alleyway like in West Side Story, at a wrestling match, and lastly, at a sport's bar if someone should get in your face repeatedly and you have no choice. I suppose I should have said, "violence is never acceptable" but that's just not true and completely unrealistic when it comes to the nature of humans — most specifically male humans.

Here's the thing about this video though. Anyone who takes that desire to beat someone up outside of those aforementioned locations is most likely, without a doubt, certifiably, CRAZY. Really though, who in their right mind is starting a brawl on an airplane? Not just any airplane either, but an airplane flying from Japan to Los Angeles. That's an ELEVEN hour flight? Why you gotta add insult to injury, man?

In his defense, he was definitely crazy. I'm going to suggest schizophrenia based on two things. One, I have a very overpriced Bachelor's Degree is Psychology and two, his delusions of grandeur and paranoia in regards to him thinking that government hired him to carry out a hit. You guys can make your own assumptions and analysis below though. You always do! P.S. I don't think he was drunk!! Don't drunk people usually just sleep on planes?

Don't forget to check out the brilliant tweets from good samaritan, Corey Hour, who I think if given the proper chance, could have reaallllllly made the situation better. This is sarcasm, by the way. Taking video and ad-libbing isn't helpful to anyone but us, the consumer, of this fine entertainment.


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