Two Ladies Serve Cheating Boyfriend Heaping Pile Of Justice By Both Showing Up On Date

Image Via Twitter/maredemlynparry

There's really no excuse for a cheating person. And, while getting cheated on sucks, you know what sucks more? Not doing anything about it like the spineless jellyfish that you are.

Someone decides to betray your trust and f-ck around behind your back and you're just going to sit there and take it? I think not. Revenge is a dish best served cold, right? Well that's exactly what these two brilliant women decided to do when they found out that they were sharing a man.

According to The Sun — "When they learned that Matt Lewis was dating them both, they teamed up to confront him during a romantic date with Mared in London. Georgia, who had been on and off with Matt for four years, but had officially got back with him in November, waited in the toilets in Be at One for Mared to arrive with Matt. Both girls then came out of the toilets to surprise their cheating lover and said his shocked face was “priceless”.

If you don't think that's amazing then you've clearly never seen how women normally handle this situation. It has ALWAYS been my biggest gripe when a woman finds out her beloved is cheating and she decides to go ape shit on the other woman. How does that compute?! That woman had zero commitment to you! Hell, she might not have even known you existed! But YOUR MAN knew damn well what he was doing. Girl-on-girl crime is vicious and I'm glad these ladies didn't fall victim to it. Seriously, #respect.

Matt shared his well-wishes to the girls — “But I wish the girls all the best for the future in their careers and hope they find love with someone one day.” Sounds exactly like something a dude caught with his pants down would say. Thanks for being predictable and good luck getting a date every again!


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