U.S. Soldiers Get Caught Trafficking 12 Million Dollars Worth Of Meth In Children's Cereal Boxes

Image Via YouTube/StarsandStripes

I'm going to go ahead and spare you all the obvious Walter White jokes. It wouldn't even really apply in this situation, as these soldiers clearly aren't too savvy when it comes to the drug trafficking game. Really, cereal boxes? Come on, guys! You're better than that.

Didn't the education system in the Good Ol' U S of A teach you anything about smuggling narcotics into foreign countries? Don't we cover that in like, elementary school? Anyway, these dudes got caught, and they got caught hard.

Stars and Stripes tells us:

"Two U.S. soldiers have been accused of smuggling 9 pounds of methamphetamine worth about $12 million hidden in cereal boxes sent via the military postal service, South Korean prosecutors said. Prosecutors allege that the soldiers, who were based at Camp Humphreys, arranged for the drugs to be shipped from California to an Army Post Office address."

12 million dollars worth of Meth? Not to be redundant, but that's a SHIT TON of meth. Consequently, it's worth even more in South Korea.

"Prosecutors said the meth seized had a street value of 13.6 billion South Korean won, or $12 million, and could potentially have been used by 130,000 people.


Shame on these soldiers for ruining the high of 130,000 Korean tweakers. I'm mostly kidding, Meth is a deplorable substance, but still, that's a lot of people to let down.

“It’s the largest amount of drugs found coming through the APO,” senior prosecutor Kang Susanna said in a telephone interview.

Can we also just take a moment to laugh at the fact that Reese's Puffs, Trix, and Honey Smacks were the cereals of choice?


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