Uber Added A Multiple Stops Feature (Perfect For A Junk Food Run On The Way Home From The Bar)

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If you've found yourself wondering, "Can Uber make multiple stops?" We're here to tell you that yes, yes they can! The ride sharing company just announced that they'll be employing an Uber multiple stops feature. Can you just imagine all of the possibilities? No longer will you have to feel guilty while begging Carl in the Honda Civic to stop at the nearest Wendy's for some much needed drunken munchies.

The times are a changin' and we're definitely going along for the ride. Aside from junk food runs, this feature will make it much simpler to ride with a group of friends. Gone are the days of having to pick a central location as the Uber hub, or even worse, having to sleep at a friend's tiny apartment because you're too broke/incoherent to get your own ride home. According to CNET:

"To enjoy the new feature, you'll need to wait for an update, which will be pushed out to Uber users the world over in the coming week. Look out for a plus symbol next to the "Where to?" box in your app and use it to add in up to three addresses."

Given that Uber added the "split fare" feature in 2013, It's a little bit nuts that it's taken them this long to add a multiple stops feature, but, hey! We'll take it. In fact, should they get the feature up and running by the beginning of next week, it'll make the perfect Halloween treat! Because let's face it, nothing says Halloween like stumbling out of an Uber wearing a ridiculous costume.

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