Uber's Latest Feature Makes It Easier For Drivers To Find Your Drop-Off Location

Image via Uber

For those who using Uber who are either a) too lazy to type in a destination or b) don't actually know the destination, the ride-sharing app has you covered, because the company just released a new feature the other day that allows riders to simply select a friend from his/her contacts list, and the driver will be routed to that person's location.

According to Buzzfeed, this is how it works:

How it works: First, you have to give Uber access to your contacts; then you’d enter a friend’s name as the destination. Uber will ping that friend, asking to access the GPS on their phone to confirm the destination, and once they accept, you’ll be on your way.

Important note: Uber won’t follow the friend as they move around. One they confirm their location, it’s a static destination. The friend you set as your destination also has to answer Uber within 30 minutes.

The goal of all this is to, of course, make rides more seamless and less of a hassle, when your phones GPS location doesn't know an exact location or your friends have left one bar and have already headed for another by the time you hail an Uber ride.

In a separate release, Uber also announced a partnership with Snapchat, which, in essence, is supposed to make trips more fun, giving riders the ability to share stories with friends in their contacts list on both apps.

Per the Buzzfeed piece, riders will be able to choose from one of three fiters: estimated time of arrival, ride type (Uber Pool, UberX, Uber Black, UberXL) or a “mystery filter,” which will surprise riders with either a trophy cup saying “Five Star Rider,” a daytime/nighttime filter, or a steering wheel.

Pretty cool stuff that makes riding with Uber easier and a little more fun—although the drivers dealing with people Snapchatting may not be as enthusiastic about it.


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