Jokes From A Gorgeous Woman (As Told By Comedian/Actress/Model Uldouz Wallace)

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It's one thing to be a gorgeous woman who can just stand around and get a bunch of looks from people. But, let's face it, when a lady has a personality that matches (or even exceeds) their physical appearance, well, that's what we call an absolute 10! Guys, meet Uldouz Wallace, who fits that billing perfectly and has a ridiculous 4.6 million Instagram followers because of it.

Not only is Uldouz a drop dead stunner, but she's also got some talents that everyone should be jealous of. In addition to modeling, the Iranian-born Wallace is an actress — appearing in movies like Case 39 and Good Luck Chuck, as well as the TV show Smallville — and, because she's near-perfect, also does stand-up comedy.

As accomplished as they come, Uldouz Wallace has a Masters in Marketing and Advertising, making her one of the most versatile women we've ever met. And, while we're amazed at all she's done, we had to find out what makes her laugh, along with some tips from men to use to get the ladies laughing.

FHM: How Important Is It For A Guy To Be Able To Make A Woman Laugh?

Uldouz Wallace: "It's important, but I think what's more important is that he has a sense of humor and doesn't take life so seriously all the time."

FHM: Are You More Of A Dirty Jokes Kinda Gal, Or Try To Keep It Clean?

Uldouz Wallace: "Comedy is all about not having any filters, the clean jokes are so boring to me, you're not fully expressing yourself or the truth. The crazier the better, I say."

FHM: When Did You Realize Your Sense Of Humor Could Become A Career?

Uldouz Wallace: "When I made my first sketch and got noticed by Will Ferrell's Funny or Die."

FHM: Any Funny Moments Where Your Humor May Have Gotten You In Trouble?

Uldouz Wallace: "Oh yeah, plenty of times in the most awkward scenarios. Just recently, I had a lump in my chest and had to get a biopsy. I'm a very positive person and always look at the bright side, so while the doctor was poking my breast with a giant needle, I turned my head and asked him if he was single, he said yes, so I started flirting with him. I don't think he was too pleased, and they actually said I couldn't come back... that would happen to me!"

FHM: Are Guys Surprised That Such A Pretty Lady Is As Hilarious As You Are?

Uldouz Wallace: "Yes, I believe when people first see me they don't expect me to be funny, talented, smart or even personable, but they notice it pretty fast. They probably think I'm just a hot chick that stays silent and doesn't have opinions about anything. I love surprising people like that. Surprise motherf-ckers!"

FHM:What's More Of A Thrill For You, Modeling Or Stand-Up Comedy?

Uldouz Wallace: "I would definitely say stand-up comedy. I love being on stage and entertaining people. My heart feels so filled after a show."

FHM: What's The Best Joke You've Ever Heard Or Wish You Had Written Yourself?

Uldouz Wallace: “I got carded recently. The bouncer looked at my ID and said, 'Come on, this can’t be right?' I said, 'It is. I’m older than I look.' He said, 'Yeah... but 103 pounds!'"

"I wish I would have written that, but it was written by my stand up teacher Lisa Sundstedt. I love her 'cause she teaches comedy to women and she's super funny. Stand-up comedy is such a hard industry for women, all the women that have some interest in comedy should take her class (if they want to know how to break into the industry)."

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